Engauge’s solutions are derived from the quote from Paul Batalden, MD, “every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.”  Understanding the existing employer health care system, and that the generated results it gets are defined by the inherent increases delivered, defines the need to seek change in the system that must be modified.

Central to transforming this system is data analytics. Data analytics is critical to create a better system,better results, better outcomes, and to a better bottom line. The shift is aligning the patient, the provider, and the care manager around a single goal, which is keeping patients healthy and keeping them out of the hospital.

The ability to leverage data, the ability for cutting-edge analysis, the ability to collect data, and make it actionable to provide better health is what is exciting about the solutions we deliver to the clients we serve.

At Engauge, we believe that in order to engage your members you must engage the physicians who treat them. Creating a system that engages physicians and employer members through data analytics is what drives us and sets us apart.