About Us

Engauge is a population health management solution that partners with businesses on finance and outcome of health care.  We fill the void, that over thirty years of experience in the health care industry has taught us, between employer, employee, physician, carrier, broker and a dysfunctional system.  Engauge provides the tools to analyze, educate, intervene, communicate, and transform an employer's population to better outcomes, resulting in reduced cost.


The Result? Better health for your workforce, and a better bottom-line for your business.

"Our health care approach is reactive, as a result, we have a world of chronic disease, most of which are poorly managed, such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Now comes a new wave of technology to not only improve the outlook for the chronic diseases of today but shift the capability, for the first time, to true prevention."

Eric Topol M.D
One of the top ten researchers in medicine

"It seems that what you are proposing offers a real solution to improving health status and reducing cost."

Robert Otwell
Former CEO Maury Regional Hospital, Columbia, TN